Retail Services & Management is an independent retail consultancy, offering specialist professional services to the retail and shopping center development industry.

We provide a commercial reality check of demand based on actual market analysis and the socio-economic composition of the catchment which needs to be considered alongside theoretical capacity figures. This provides an added dimension when considering and understanding development proposals pertaining to the projects.

New innovative and exciting ideas are always needed to meet the requirements to compete with existing and new shopping centers or malls. TCI Property has proven and is very capable in creating new ideas and concepts do meet the dynamic changes and expectations in the fast-growing retail industry.

Key Factors in Concept Development:

  • Creating the right products and images that are unique where the product life span or expectancy can easily last more than 10 years.
  • Creating the right products and images for the targeted market segments and also for future next markets. Product design and right concept are established to meet international standards too.
  • Easily well accepted and marketable in the shortest time possible with practical cost-effective measures.
  • Proper planning and organization before the construction phases if possible. To achieve all marketing objectives.

TCI Property believe in conducting proper and practical feasibility studies to determine and establish the right market segment in demography, disposal income groups and other key customers profile details to achieve a highly successful profitable venture. The detailed feasibility studies will be very beneficial in the calculation of financial investments and returns, design, planning and execution of the whole process.

TCI Property shall provide the following brief descriptions:

  • Analyze the macro and micro economics related to the property concerned.
  • Establish what are the key essentials for the concept development of the project concerned.
  • Analyze the project feasibilities, detailed SWOT analysis and establish project strategies.
  • Establish the platform, demand and the marketability of the product in comparison with the competitors in or around the scene area.
  • Project Costing analysis.

The main objective of the service is how to sell or lease the property in shortest time possible, and at the best market or rental value for both developer and retailers.


  • Creating marketing strategy for the Mall
  • Searching for potential anchor tenant suitable for the positioning of the property
  • Coordinating promotion strategies for the project
  • Budgeting for promotional and marketing activities.
  • Coordinating administration and legal issues.
  • Coordinating with the Building Management team for the handover process of the premises

A good and successful shopping center is based on the quality of tenancy mix it has inside.


  • Analysis of the types of tenants suitable for the positioning and concept of the Mall
  • Coordinating with the architect, advise the potential size of the retail space
  • Coordinating with the finance, advise the potential income related to the design/layout of the mall
  • Arranging tenants’ locations according to the zoning already determined by tenant mix design
  • Proposing and choosing potential retailers suitable for the mall concept and market positioning.


TCI Property Consultant is very committed to deliver the highest possible standard of services to the owners and occupants of the building.

We also acknowledge the prestigious nature and development of properties as we believe in maintaining, enhancing the property value and keeping operation cost to a minimum without prejudicing the expected good services or performances in our management, for the benefit of all tenants and owners.

We always serve with professionalism, integrity and winning customer trust. We strongly believe we shall optimize the property value with our vision, commitment and professionalism to attain the owner’s vision and expectations.